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Who We Are

Lady Minerals™ is the premier mineral foundation line for women of all shades and colors. We do one thing and we do it well.

It isn't just's Skin Care

What you put in your body is important, but so is what you put ON it. Our skin absorbs everything we use, that's why Lady Minerals™

only uses all-natural ingredients known to improve skin tone and appearance. 

We Know Undertones

Whether you're red, yellow, copper, red-copper, yellow-copper, blue berry or black berry, Lady Minerals™ understands the role understones play in formulating the perfect shade.

The Most Natural Hues

Each Lady Minerals™ foundation shade is based on and inspired by the skin tones of REAL WOMEN, not on what some chemist THINKS you look like. We are proud to offer the most natural hues on the market. 

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