Who We Are

We are an independently owned cosmetics company based out of Northern California. Our founder, Veronique McCoy, started Lady Minerals™  in her kitchen in the Spring of 2010. She had a vision of creating a foundation line that not only nourished the skin, but matched every hue flawlessly.

She researched skin care and ingredients, ingredients that not only were beneficial for skin but ingredients that were not so beneficial. She bought a mineral makeup kit and started formulating shades based on the skin tones of friends, relatives and coworkers (as a thank you those shades were named after each person). This is why our shades are so true to tone! Once her testing audience began buying her product she knew she had something special.


Time to Hustle

Veronique began selling her products at flea markets, home demonstrations and community events...anywhere she could be seen. Soon she would be A vendor at various expos and trade shows in the South and on the East Coast. Veronique's hustle paid off, and in 2011 Lady Minerals™ was the cosmetic sponsor for San Fernando Fashion Week in Trinidad. We worked the runway! We even returned in 2013!


We're Just Getting Started

We've come so far, but still have so much further to go. We plan to expand the Lady Minerals™  line, but we also see the value of doing one thing VERY WELL. We pride ourselves on our quality product and am so thankful to each and every one of our loyal customers. There is so much more to come. 

"I thank you for your continued support...this is my dream. When you buy my products you are supporting that dream. I can never repay you for that."

-Veronique McCoy, CEO Nique Cosmetics™ 


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